Moving to 6.1.1 the processEngine getFormEngineRepositoryService method is missing


In version 6.1.1: What happened to the processEngine.getFormEngineRepositoryService() and getFormEngineFormService() and getContentService() methods?

In 6.1.1, a major refactoring around the CommandContext usage was done, such that all engines share the same foundation and instances at runtime. The way the engine now work together has been made consistent.

Anyway, the way to get the FormRepositoryService after this refactoring in the process engine is calling EngineServiceUtil.getFormRepositoryService() (see and passing the process engine config (which you can get via the CommandContextUtil.getProcessEngineConfiguration() if you don’t have it).

Thanks, I am not yet very clued up on the internal use of that CommandContext, but I’ll get there. Appreciate the info, I will try upgrading again…

You don’t need to know anything of the CommandContext, that’s quite internal. Just gave it as backrgound info :wink:

Indeed I get that :slight_smile:

I mean I want to learn and understand the internal architecture, and I had a look at the code before posting. I hope to contribute to the project, but I’ve also learnt a lot by browsing the code, although the big picture is sometimes missing.

I am sitting on a CDI equivalent of the Camel Behaviour class that I want to contribute, but haven’t yet got the flowable source build working. Also looking into form engine possibilities as per other discussion we had…

Looking forward to it!