Modeler services in own application


We have built our own application based on flowable engine to serve own rest services with some custom logic.
Along with that we are using provided separate flowable-modeler app to design processes.

Currently there is a need to programmatically import designs into some environments.
flowable-engine supports .bar imports, but they do not appear in modeler, as they do not import ‘model’ objects.
I found the modeler importer in modeler-ui source, however it seems not to be designed to be added as a dependency. Also, ideally we would like to use modeler app as-is provided by flowable.

Could you suggest something to manually start some flowable-modeler services inside flowable-engine based application? Or maybe some other suggestions.



The Flowable Modeler has a REST API to import models into the Modeler.
Did you have a look at this REST API?

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REST API is an option, was looking at this direction as an alternative.
However having embedded import possibility was preferred.

Seems like will have to go the REST way


Hi @tijs, on the same point, please could you clarify if it’s possible to use modeler REST API as is with basic auth bypassing IDM?

Note: I know we can include modler-rest dependency and build a simple customer endpoint wrapper on this, but curious to know if it can be used as is.