Missing jackson-annotations dependency in flowable-ui-common project

Imported flowable 6 project into Eclipse from github.After deploying flowable-ui-* apps into Tomcat 7, the apps won’t be started. Error info:

Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: JsonNode

The problem can be solved by adding jackson-annotations dependency in the pom.xml of flowable-ui-common project:

That’s odd, for example the flowable-ui-task-app gets the jackson-core and jackson-annotations dependency through the flowable-ui-task-logic and flowable-ui-task-rest projects.

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Yes, it’s a little strange. I reverted pom.xml under flowable-ui-common project and cleaned the project, then mvn clean install. Well, this time the flowable-ui-* app start OK.
The original error may be related with something wrong with my previous steps.
Thanks for your reply.