Migration from Pega 7 to flowable

I have a one requirement where I need to migrate workflows from Pega 7 to flowable along with all historical process data.
I would like to know what approach should follow to migrate workflows, and all historical data from Pega 7 to flowable. Can we do such migration?

Thanks in advance !


Hi Krishna,

Flowable has skip expression so you can skip activities to the same activity state as the old BPM system. In this way you can migrate process instances in an easy way. If you also want to migrate the completed process instances there are 2 approaches. One is to use skip expressions for completed process instances as well. The second approach is to migrate the completed process instances directly to the Flowable history tables. Migrating to the Flowable history tables can be done with DB scripts or by using the historic entity managers of the Flowable Engine.

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