Microservice Architecture, Using different Services for different Service Tasks


I was wondering, if I can use multiple java microservices to execute different Service Tasks. I would for example have one Microservice working on Task A, while I have 10 Microservices running for Task B, because it takes longer. It such a configuration possible with flowable?
I am fairly new to flowable, so I might have missed something in the documentation. If so, please point me into the right direction!

Thanks in advance!

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The short answer is no, any Flowable instance connected to the same database is seen as part of the same cluster. There are ways to mimic some of this behavior by enabling or disabling the async executor. If you wanted to have one set of instances responsible for user tasks and another set responsible to service tasks you could mark all of the service tasks as asynchronous and disable the async executor on the set of services you’re using for the user tasks.

What I would recommend in cases where you have a longer running task like this is to spin it off into it’s own microservice and initiate the request over something like RabbitMQ. This way you can scale that microservice independently of the Flowable engine.

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