Message Intermediate Throw Event

I am trying to bring message intermediate throw event in my bpmn model, but unfortunately i’m confused. In my model, i want to throw a message in a process and catch it in another process, indeed using correlation it should determined a process instance along different process instances. In camunda, with intermediate throw event, it is able to define messageDefinition element and refer it to message element defined in outside of process element in xml file, along with correlate method in runtimeService, but in flowable i couldn’t,. In flowable intermediate throw event can just have three types event difinition “SignalEventDefinition”, “EscalationEventDefinition”, “CompensateEventDefinition” but not messageEventDefinition (bpmn doesn’t support).
How can i implement this scenario in flowable, with intermediate throw event or other notations? also, how to correlate to a specific process instance?

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I have the same question.

See my response to Message Intermediate Throw Event - #2 by joram

You need to use the event registry event. It’s not a default type of BPMN.