Line break in the expression field


I think that, from an appearance perspective, it would be desirable to have line breaks in expression field. Formatting text would be easier.

Is there such a feature?
Can anyone tell me more about how expressions work in flowable application? Can I display something based on some condition (when a condition is met)?


Hi Savo,

I tried expression


in the jUnit test. The test has passed.

Try debugger to play with expressions

Yes sure. Try examples and jUnit tests.

Hey Martin,

I got an error: Error parsing ‘${\nvrijemezahtjeva\n}’: lexical error at position 2, encountered invalid character ‘\’, expected expression token


Did you execute this expression in the debugger? \n works in the jUnit test string. I do not know whether new lines are supported from the UI, but engine can parse and execute such a definition.


I solved it for me by adding this line
#fieldContainer_label form-element div div .well div {white-space: pre-line }

to webapps/flowable-task/WEB-INF/classes/static/styles/common/style.css

Then the actual linebreaks from the expression editor in the modeler-app are rendered. It’s a little bit hacky but works for me.