Json type for variable when mapping from event


My application receives a json with a a simple hierarchy of nodes as payload from the event registry

e.g. {“eventKey”:“newImportFileEvt”, “file”:{“key”:“abcd”, “type”:“type1”}}

Since I cannot map file.key directly to a context variable (since only root element names can be extracted) - I thought of using a variable of json type.
I saw that in version 6.6.0 I can set the type of a payload element to json - so I configured my event to have a “file” payload with “json” type.
On the process definition - I could not set up the variable as json from Modeler (no json in drop down).
I download the xml and modified it manually - and changed the type of the variable to json - and my data was extracted correctly from the event.
I could use the variable and pass only the file.key as a parameter to another event.

I was just wondering if i’m missing something or is this a valid implementation. Why isn’t the Modeler supporting json as well ?


No, this most likely means support hasn’t been added the Modeler yet for that. The cheesy open source answer here is that a PR is always appreciated :wink:

Thanks for answering
I’m not a UI developer - i get lost in UI code - but i will have a look - maybe i will be able to contribute to this great project