Is it possible to skip a job execution?

Hi all,

I have deployed a process containing several service tasks:
start ---> st#1 ---> st#2 --> st#3 ---> end

Sometimes, the execution of ‘st#2’ fails and I retrieve it as a dead letter job. The error is due to a processing already done in a business point of view. So, I would skip the execution of my process instance to the next step ‘st#3’. How can I do this, using an administration action for example ?

Thanks a lot for your help


I would say that the easiest way is to check whether st#2 call makes sense or not. So you can modify your process model, add there exlusive gateway and execute st#2 only when processing was not done yet.

If you do not want to change process model, do not throw exception in st#2 execution. Encapsulate code with try/catch block and when the exception is throw and it is caused by done processing, just swallow it and continue in execution.


Thanks Martin,

Your first proposal is interesting to robustify my process.