Is it possible to alter the flow of a running process instance?

Is it possible to return to a previous userTask activity within a running process instance?
We know that Oracle BPM allows altering the flow under certain conditions and we are insterested in knowing what can Flowable do at this scenario (even if it has to be done manually by altering database content)

Process Instance Migration allows you to migrate a process instance from one version of a process definition to another. As part of that process, you provide mappings of which task in the old version should be migrated to which tasks in the new. This may fit the bill:

If this is a case where the user needs to be able to return to a task and correct information while the process is ongoing, you might look at case management. It has the semantics to describe more fluid processes, where tasks can be accomplished multiple times and are available (or not) based on entry criteria.

Thank for answer!