Is a more elaborate form designer on the roadmap?

Currently, when you design a form for a process the form is limited to one property after another. This is perfectly fine for cases where you need a handful of properties for a task. But there are obviously use cases where users have much more elaborate form requirements.

Is there a plan to include a more elaborate form designer in the product? Or is the intent to push complicated forms out to external renderers?

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Hi Jeff,

We’re planning to separate the advanced modeling from the enterprise edoras one product and make it available (plus forms runtime) as a non-open source extension that runs against the open source libraries. However, we’re not going to stop any open source contributions for more complex forms. We have to fund our developers, as you know :slight_smile: Our thoughts are to make the design & forms runtime available free for development. We’re still working through what’s possible.


Hello @jpotts
Have you developed something for this?

Hi Douglas, no, I haven’t, was just curious.

You can use a tasks’s formKey to take advantage of one of the open source dynamic forms libraries:

Thank you for the input, but if I understood it correctly, that form library would require a custom app, angular based, right?
It is not something we could use with the default Flowable’s task app (angularjs).

If you want some additional functionality that is not available via the open source Flowable UI Web Applications (implemented in AngularJS) then you would need to add that functionality (configuration/customisation) to them.

I am most familiar with Angular, hence, the link to some Angular-based open source dynamic form libraries.

Note: Angular will soon be moving to Material Components for the Web (MDC Web).

I have just found an interesting dynamic forms framework for AngularJS.!/
It is marked as unmaintained, but still, interesting.

I think most people have moved on from AngularJS (JavaScript) to Angular (TypeScript).

In January 2018, a schedule was announced for phasing-out AngularJS : after releasing 1.7. 0, the active development on AngularJS will continue till June 30, 2018. Afterwards, 1.7 will be supported till June 30, 2021 as long-term support.

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