Invoking multiple methods in an expression

I am creating a process that uses a result variable in downstream process steps. I got to a case where I would want to invoke multiple methods/set multiple values in an expression statement, however I do not see how to do this.

In the modeler there is a ‘Class Fields’ extension, however I do not see documentation for this.

As a reference I have been looking at the Spring JPA example:

    <serviceTask id="createLoanRequest" name="Create loan request"
                 activiti:expression="${loanRequestBean.newLoanRequest(customerName, amount)}"

Here the newLoanRequest call returns the loanRequest result variable that will go through the process.
Later on loanRequest.setApproved is invoked.

Say the loan is approved, but for a different amount.
Are you able to invoke loanRequest.setApproved and loanRequest.setAmount in the same expression or through the ‘Class Fields’?
Or do you have to create a loanRequest.setApprovedAndAmount method?


In an Expression you can only invoke one method. What I’ve seen being done a lot, is to have a ApproveTask bean that takes the execution variable as input, like: ${approveTask.execute(execution)} and then implement any logic in the ApproveTask. You can set any variable and invoke any method there.

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Thanks, that works well.

It is possible to invoke multiple methods in single EL expression. See how is is done