Internationalization in Flowable

Would 1st like to mention that I have gone through below link

Now I have few questions even after reading above link.

  1. When we export translations from designer we get csv files, where I can get json files.
  2. Where should we need to place json files of each translations?
  3. Do we have any specific example on how we can configure this internationalization?


It looks like you are referring to the Flowable Design commercial offering and not the Flowable OSS Modeler. Please ask your questions about Flowable Design on the enterprise forum or ask your account manager.

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Can you please pass me enterprise forum portal where I can ask these questions.

@maheshchintawar Can you confirm you are using Flowable Design [], If so you’ll need to contact your account manager to get login credentials to the enterprise forum if you don’t have them already. []