Integrating form modules in Flowable 7


I am upgrading my application from Spring boot 2.8 to 3.x and hence from Flowable 6.8 to 7 for compatibility. I use following dependencies:

flowable-form-spring v6.8.1
flowable-form-spring-configurator v6.8.1
flowable-form-engine v6.8.1
flowable-spring-boot-starter v7
flowable-engine v7

I could upgrade modules other than form modules to v7. Since form-* modules are no longer supported, I am trying to keep the v6.8.1. In the previous version, I had bean configuration like:

    public FormEngineConfigurator formEngineConfigurator(SpringFormEngineConfiguration conf) {
        SpringFormEngineConfigurator formEngineConfigurator = new SpringFormEngineConfigurator();
        return formEngineConfigurator;

and no custom bean declaration for FormEngineConfiguration. However, with the upgrade I see that FormEngineConfiguration bean is no longer getting initialized automatically. Do you know on why and how I can fix this?

I seriously doubt what you are trying to achieve is possible due to the upgrade of spring-boot and java in flowable 7.