includeCaseVariables is ignored in CMMN rest-api GET /cmmn-runtime/case-instances


I have been using the CMMN rest-api GET /cmmn-runtime/case-instances to retreive case instances. I also wanted to retreive the case variables in the same request.

GET /cmmn-runtime/case-instances?includeCaseVariables=true

Unfortunately this request does not return the case variables in the response. I looked in the source code and saw that this boolean is ignored (with commented out code)

Is there some reason that this code is commented out? There appears to be support for this in the CaseInstanceQueryImpl class. I could try to create a PR uncommenting out the code, but just wondering if there is some other problem with it that I am not seeing?


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I’m wondering about this as well, anyone that has any answer to this?

Thanks for pointing at this. It’s fixed now on master.

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