I want the BPMN API

  • I want the Java BPMN API, Chinese process business needs, Flowable -UI is too costly for the user to learn about the company workflow, I need a more convenient way to generate BPMN files,Do you have a manual similar to the BPMNModel and Process Instructions usage document?

The best documentation is the source code and the unit tests. Both are on Github. This is a simple example for example: flowable-engine/TestProcessUtil.java at master · flowable/flowable-engine · GitHub


Use BpmnAutoLayout thrown the execute API Java. Lang. NullPointerException:Null at org. Flowable. BPMN. BpmnAutoLayout. GenerateSequenceFlowDiagramInterchangeElements (BpmnAutoLayout. Java: 385)

When debug is used, the array object of Process is present ,and filled in the BPMNModel object, but it is thrown NullPointerException:!!! Why ????

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  • Is this a bug?