Http service task response variable with same name

I have a scenario that one http service task need to be called twice in one process. It means two same http service task in one process. I need to get the response body for the two tasks. My question is how to get the responses.
The id and responseVariableName can be different for them, but the question is how can I get the id and responseVariableName after starting the process definition.


I may not help to your query But i have another hope you can try to answer.

I am new to flowable.

I have below requirement:

Through Service Task call Jave Delegate calss.

In Javadelegate class invoke another system DB and get data.

I am having doubt how to read out data in flowable Process flow? Is there any retur Variable needs to be defined?

And next i have a requirement to Show Output data from DB to UI page.

How to show data to UI in this scenario?

Waiting for response!
Thanks in advance!

In JavaDelegate class, you can get the output from DelegateExecution. Every service task in the same process definition can get the data put in the DelegateExecution. You can check the user guide of flowable.

Thank you for the Update,

I wanted to know your answer bit more. in my use case i need to show output in Javadelegate in UI.

I have 2 questions around this.

1.How to read and print output withing process definition.(if you have any syntax you can add).

2.How to show this output data in UI page.

Thanks in advance!