HTTP Error 500 Provided id is null, when accessing Flowable Applications

I cannot access flowable-idm, modeler and the rest of the application. I was configuring the LDAP, then decided to discontinue it, so i commented the LDAP configuration back to default and rerun the flowable application. Then i received this error, i reinstalled tomcat and copy the war files again but still doesn’t help. I just started learning Flowable can anyone help me on this?

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Hey Moses,

First remark I saw that you are using Tomcat 7.0.88. However, Spring Boot (the framework that is used for the Flowable applications) supports only Tomcat 8.5.x and higher. I would suggest you to move to that Tomcat. However, your error is not linked with that.

It seems like the FLOWABLE_REMEMBER_ME cookie is wrong. Can you try opening the applications in incognito mode? And try to delete the cookie that you have in your browser settings as well.

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Hi filiphr

Solved! Thanks for helping out.