How to sort taskdata by using variables

Hi, thanks for dropping by.
I just started exploring flowable and hence my knowledge may lack while explaining my question.
I wanted to ask how to sort the tasks on the basis of variables present in taskdata,
for instance , I am getting this response when I am hitting the endpoint, so can I sort
these task for example on employee basis? if yes then please explain.

“taskId”: “5c5334cd-acca-11eb-8c06-c8e26580c0af”,
“taskName”: “lead Check”,
“taskData”: {
“noOfHolidays”: 3,
“description”: “sick leave”,
“employee”: “jessy”

<*more tasks like the above one>

Thanks in advance.

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That option is not available in the java/rest API currently, that would need to be done with a custom query.