How to set the deploymentMode in Spring Boot and duplicate filtering is not working once the **.bpmn20.xml file under processes folder get changed for the default mode

Hi All,
There are two issues in the Spring Boot

  1. no deploymentMode field in the to setup this value. and no related conf.setDeploymentMode function in’s baseSpringProcessEngineConfiguration function

  2. Duplicating filtering is not working when the bpmn file got changed under process folder because of DeploymentQueryImpl listPage(0,1) always return the first original deployment record(I was using the postgresql)
    Please check the attache for the details
    Sorry that I can only upload one picture currently, so needs to zoom it

  1. As a workaround, you can use a ProcessEngineConfigurationConfigurer bean, which gets in a SpringProcessEngineConfiguration as parameter and allows to set the deployment mode.
  2. Fixed, see