How to increase limit from 20000 variables in REST API in activiti?

When making a REST API call to query historic tasks using the parameter “includeProcessVariables”: “true” , a maximum of 20,000 variables are returned. The results of the REST API when using “includeProcessVariables”: “true” are cut off as soon as the 20,000th variable is in the REST API response.

A customer have around 500 process variable in on process and for that he is only able to get the first 40 process Data with includeProcessVariables=true.

In docs , it is mentioned that the limit of 20000 is for performance reason. Can this limit be changed. I am thinking to increase the limit to 100000 or more.

Same issue here ,

I haven’t dug too deeply into this code, but my guess is that something like this would work:

    EngineConfigurationConfigurer<SpringProcessEngineConfiguration> processEngineConfigurationEngineConfigurationConfigurer(){
        return engineConfiguration -> {
            System.out.println("configuring Process Engine");

Edit, I just realized the subject says “in Activiti”, are you using Flowable or Activiti?

My bad, I am using flowable.

@wwitt is there a way I can filter only a few process variables while making this call? I am always interested in a few variables not all.


You’d need to craft some custom queries using the Java APIs, here are some examples from the documentation:

Hi! Is it possible to set those limits with spring properties (in or with environment variables)?

No, this property isn’t exposed. You’d need a simple EngineConfigurer bean to set it.