How to get CallActivity process variables using main processInstanceId?

Hi Flowable Team,

How can we get the variables of the CallActivity process variables using main ProcessInstanceId?

I am trying like below, but not returning sub process variable data

API: http://localhost:8081/query/historic-process-instances
Method : POST
“processInstanceId” : “25020”,


i had the same issue just a few days ago. What i did was, using runtimeService, i created a executionQuery and queried all the executions that has the same root_process_instance_id as main processInstanceId. This way i found all the call acitivity process started and for each of the unique processInstanceId you can get the variables using the standard runtimeService.getVariables(processInstId).This way you only need main processInstanceId to get all the variables in all the callActiviti processes.

Thank You,
Arpit Agrawal