How to find out the pipeline items of users

How can I find the pipeline item for the user(pipeline: next coming task of the process for the user). Ex. a process as a tree task and the user ABC is assigned for the 2nd and 3rd task item and currently a user XYZ is doing the 1st task, how can I get the pipeline item of the user ABC ie. count 2. How can I get it by REST API and from the database?

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I have a similar problem, did you get any way?


Let’s say that we have process with user tasks

(Start) -> | UserTask A | -> | UserTask B | -> | UserTask C | -> (End)

there are variables assignees in the process instance assigneeA, assigneeB, assigneeC.
I would create a task form for e.g. userTaskA on which I would display a process definition with user tasks proper assignees.