How to delete a task of an active workflow in Flowable


I am trying to do the Rollback in flowable. I tried to create a new task and delete the existing one.

But I couldn’t delete the task of an active Process. Is there a way to achieve this?

The DELETE api call return /runtime/tasks/{taskid} returns 403 forbidden - task can’t be deleted as its part of rollback.


See my response to your other similar question

We’d need a definition of what you call rollback.

Tasks that are open in a process can’t be deleted - they can only be completed.
Deleting a task would leave the process in a ‘corrupted’ state - the execution does’t know where to go to (e.g. imagine doing doing this to a task that’s after a parallel gateway fork - what should the execution do?).

Have you looked at the process migration API? That might suit your use case.