How to declare a computed variable

Hello everyone,

I am using Flowable trial’s version. To provide a basic example of what I am trying to achieve, let us say I want to name a variable that is the body mass index. To do so, I ask in a form the weight and the height of the person that answers it, which provides me two variables: ‘weight’ and ‘height’. Now, I use an “initialize variable task” where I name a variable “bmi” for body mass index. I use runtime expression to define its value, where I write: {{weight / (height * height)}}.

Now, in a form to display this body mass index, I use a text display where I write: Here is your body mass index: {{bmi}} and instead of getting the value computed, I get {{weight / (height * height)}}, However, if I direclty plug this formula instead of {{bdmi}} I get the right answer.

Thus my question, how to declare and use a computed variable properly ?

Best regards and thank you a lot in advance.

Hi @Link

The question you are asking is about the enterprise products. We try to not talk about it in the OSS Forum. Questions about the enterprise products should be done in the Enterprise Forum .

To answer your question quickly:
For runtime expression you have to use the syntax like this: ${weight / (height * height)}.
see also Back End Expressions · Flowable Enterprise Documentation



First, I am sorry to have misused this forum. Thank you for your quick answer, now I am able to make my process work successfully.