How to configure when the process variable does not exist, do not throw an exception

Hi, I set the condition in the outgoing squence flow to use a process variable. I don’t want to set it in the process variable, which causes it to not exist. But this will throw an exception during execution. Can I configure it in global , if does not exist, the result is false. I remember this can be configure in the xml, but I can not find it. I don’t want to use functions like var:exists() in the condition

I am not sure what you mean with you can configure it in global.

Not sure why you don’t want to use functions like var:exists(). If you just want to check if they are equal you can use var:get(property) (this won’t throw an exception).

Have a look at the Expression functions section of the documentation. This have been added in 6.4.0 and are quite powerful.


Hi Filip,
I dont want use function, because I use ExpressionManager to explain this expression after start this process in order to simulate the process. However, This functions can not corrent explain. it will throw exception.