How to authorize group of users "Fooers" (and only Fooers) to see & execute stuff inside swimlane "Foo"?

Hi Team!

I know that, for task “T” I can specify a group of users that will be the only group that can execute task “T”.

But I have not yet been able to find how to specify that all inside swimlane “Foo” can be run and seen only by group “Fooers”…

Any hint will be highly appreciated!
Kind regards

swimlanes do not support mentioned functionality currently. If you want to extend default lane behaviour use

  1. lane extension elements (see org.flowable.engine.test.api.repository.LaneExtensionTest in flowable source)
  2. hook into process parsing ( and set groups to all user tasks in the lane.


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Thanks Martin.
I was having exactly the same issue. Can I eventually contribute with this functionality in the product? Do you know how to become a commiter? Or how can I write de code myselft and pass it by to some commiter in the community so that he can see and apply the feature if they agree?

Thanks in advance


Contributions are always very welcome, but we do suggest some discussion in these forums first to make sure they take the best direction for most. Ultimately, we just need a pull request. See here.


I appreciate your answer, Martin! Thanks. I will investigate both paths. And will take into account Paul’s suggestion about holding discussion in the forums first.