How to add custom RestVariableConverter in spring boot app with flowable starters?

I’m developing a spring boot application using the flowable-starters to integrate the flowable engine into the application.
I would like to add a custom RestVariableConverter to the process engine as described in the documentation at Chapter 15 (REST API · Flowable Open Source Documentation): “…By extending the initializeVariableConverters() method on, you can add additional classes to support converting your POJOs to a format suitable …”

Autowiring the RestResponseFactory and call the initializeVariableConverters() on it, to add an additional converter class seems not to do the trick, since it doesnt find the bean, when starting up the spring-boot app. (looking at the flowable source code a bean is going to be created by the ProcessEngineRestConfiguration class)

Could you please provide me with a working example how to do it in a spring-boot application which is using the flowable starters ?

Many thx in advance
cheers kai

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I’m also looking for an example, did you have any luck?