How to achieve speed when many process instances exit timer job at the same time?


I have a process for which there are many process instances and they all exit the timer job at a particular time, say 9:00 am. The issue is that these process instances stay in the timer job for hours before execution(they keep executing till 12:00 noon or so). Is there any way to speed up this execution for process instances when the timer job DUE_DATE_ is same for many processes?

Hi Narendra,

Could you describe the use case please? My recommendation would be to do not trigger plenty of jobs, and use batch service for processing.


Hi Martin,

In my use case, I’m basically trying to set a reminder for something for the user who wants to be reminded at a set time. for example, reminder for breakfast at 9am?
so almost all the process instances are in intermediate catch event till that time and are supposed to be triggered at the set time. Right now, the system keeps sending reminders for hours after the time they’re supposed to be triggered at. Is there any way to solve this efficiently?

  1. If you want to solve it as a process instances - add more resources (and power) to the jobExecutor.
    several jobExecutors on different machines… to be able to cope with so huge load.
  2. create a special service for notifications. - again somebody has to have enough power to cope with the load
  3. send e-mail notification to group - mail server should have enough resources.