How to access custom Data type inside the process

Hi All,
Can you please let me know how to access the custom data type like ‘Customer’ - Java Pojo inside the flowable process i.e., inside a script task.
The idea is to pass custom data type like ‘Customer’ while starting a process and access all the attributes of ‘Customer’ inside the flowable process. Any Immediate help will be appreciated.

We’ve had success using ObjectMapper to convert the pojo to a JsonNode class and including that as a process variable.

JsonNode node = mapper.convertValue(pojo, JsonNode.class);

In Process instances the variable will show up with a type of json and can be viewed in Flowable-Admin and used in expressions us standard dotted notation.

In Case instances it shows up in flowable-admin as serializable but can still be accessed via dotted notation.

One thing we found is that it appears you cannot use the various variable macros in cmmn models with serializable variables ( i.e. ${var:get(myVariable) == ‘hello’})

There are a few other threads in the forum if you search for JsonNode