Handle receive tasks trigger while the process instance is suspended

I have a Flowable Bpmn Flow which has several service tasks. These service tasks hit external APIs and the response is received within 1-30 minutes. These service tasks are followed by a receive task to wait until the respective response is received. When the response is received via SQS, the corresponding receive task is triggered.

We also suspend/activate process instances frequently. It happens that sometimes the instance is suspended while one of the receive task is active and waiting to be triggered. Now, once response is received from SQS, we wont be able to trigger the receive task if it is a part of suspended process instance.

I am wondering what could be the best way to deal with callback or Sqs messages when the process instance is suspended (while the current execution is on receive task).

if the process instance was suspended when the execution was on a waiting receive task, what will exactly happen when the instance is activated again. I can store that callback or Sqs response is received in a boolean process variable. But, once the instance resumes, how can I use that boolean variable to trigger/bypass the current receive task execution.