Get history data of failure node

Hi, Can anyone suggest is there any chance that I can get the history data when the flow node (with flowable:async = false )fails.
I found that when the node is set to sync ,all data will be lost when the node fails,but I need the data showing whether the node fails or not. For example :

    <startEvent id="startEvent"/>
    <sequenceFlow sourceRef="startEvent" targetRef="someService"/>

    <serviceTask id="someService" name="" flowable:class="" flowable:async="false"/>
    <sequenceFlow sourceRef="someService" targetRef="end"/>

    <endEvent id="end">

In this case ,The process will fail at serviceTask, when it fails, no history data will be stored, Is there any configuration about this ?
If not ,how could I get the history data of this failed service task?

The Flowable engine will move from any wait state to any other wait state. In this example, the process will run from start to end. On failure, it will rollback to the previous state (which is not started). Making the service task makes it a wait state and forces the transaction to commit.

Thanks Joram.

Do you mean I have to make the service task async in this case , and there is still no way to get the history data in sync mode,am I right?

History data, by default, is synchronous. The moment you reach a wait state, both the runtime and history data is written to the database in the same transaction.

I got it, Thanks for your reply.