Flowable tutorials and materials

My name is Ani. I am from Macedonia and I am finishing my studies in Informatics and computer sciences. Recently I started exploring the Flowable engine and reading the docs. I am writing to you to ask whether you have tutorials, or other materials for learning Flowable. If you have, how much do they cost and where can I find them?

Hey Ani,

It is so nice to see a fellow Macedonian interested in Flowable. I am also from Macedonia and also finished Computer science there.

We have a lot of resources that are posted in our website. In the documentation part of the website there are some tutorials and talks that we have given. I would suggest to you to go through them (if you haven’t already). We also have our blog where different posts are posted by us. Best way to learn more is to try the things out and implement some real world examples.

As you have noticed the forum is also a good place for asking questions and interacting with the community.

Probably you have seen Save the date: Flowable Community Day, November 20th!, in case you can attend this would be a good place to get to know the community, the people behind Flowable and hear about what people are doing with Flowable.