Flowable test module

I saw that there are test utilities for testing the engine. I also saw that there is flowable5-test module. However, for 6 the classes are located into the flowable-engine module. Is there a plan to extract a flowable-test module that could be used on it’s own?

I have some ideas for the improvement of the test utilities and maybe adding something in the AssertJ style, even take it as a dependency and use provide support for users to use it.

Eventually, providing JUnit 5 extensions (once Java 8 is taken as the baseline ;)).

Hi Filip,

When you are unit testing a process definition with Flowable, you will always need the Flowable Engine to run it, so don’t see the need to put it in a separate module. Or do you see a case where this would be useful?

Best regards,


Hey Tijs,

I know that you will always need the engine. However, it is separation of concerns, classes that contain JUnit stuff should only be in scope test and not production. Currently Flowable Engine has a provided dependency on JUnit. In my opinion JUnit such dependencies should only be in testing frameworks and not in Flowable Engine core.