Flowable-rest Cors from Angular client


I’m using angular 10 to call my flowable-rest api (docker image) but I’m facing the cors issue as both (frontend & backend) are not deployed in the same server.
I know that CORS must be configured in the server side by adding a filter that manages the headers to accept my angular url however this is not possible with an existing flowable-rest project.
Anyone to help on this ?


Another common used solution for this is to put a reverse proxy in front of both; the REST API and the webserver server serving the Angular site.
Or having a proxy running locally serving both.



as @yvo explained I fixed that using haproxy as docker container and then two things must be added for angular to accept responses :
1/ add script for OPTIONS requests to get 200 status
2/ add headers :
Access-Control-Allow-Headers “Authorization,Connection,Content-Type” at least
Access-Control-Allow-Origin “http://localhost:4200” or whatever
Access-Control-Allow-Methods “POST, GET, PUT, OPTIONS, DELETE”

plz how did u use flowable-rest for get ur data ? which url did use use ?