Flowable + MongoDB with IDM Engine

How can I use IDM engine with MongoDB datasource along with Flowable Engine.
I enabled the IDM engine in the below code and getting the following error: A datasource is required for initializing the IDM engine

ProcessEngine processEngine = new MongoDbProcessEngineConfiguration()
.setServerAddresses(Arrays.asList(new ServerAddress(“localhost”, 27017)))

Please let me know how to set MongoDB datasource in order to use IDM Engine

Thanks in advance,
Venkat PS

AFAIK MongoDB support for datasource is at an alpha stage:

Hi mykeul, Yes, this module is working for other services of flowable except for IDM service.

That’s currently not yet implemented. The MongoDB integration is a prototype, to prove it’s possible with Flowable. However, so far we haven’t seen a large demand/uptake for it.