Flowable engine server sizing

I would like to know server hardware configuration(RAM, HDD, CPUs, etc.) required for flowable engine.
Usage details are as follows,

  • Max 50 concurrent users
  • Number of forms 50 divided into 10 processes
  • Daily 20-30 process executions

I don’t think we have sizing guidelines for the open source of Flowable. We have some for the commercial product, but the products are not the same and they are really just suggestions. The actual needs are dependent on how processor and RAM intensive your processes are. Your usage seems fairly light so you’ll probably be fine with 2 cpus and 8GB of RAM assuming your database is hosted on a different server.

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Thank you for the response(I have gone through the mentioned link).
Yes for now usage is fairly simple with few CPU intensive operations.
I will try to benchmark it for our use case to figure it out.