Flowable engine is using left join with table and it is creating slowness in system

We are using Signal in flowable and but when we crearting load in application then finding database is having left join with RU_EXECUTION table and due to this the system performance is getting impacted. we are not able to increase system performance pls suggest what can be done to enhance system performance for optimize the below configuration

select * from ACT_RU_EVENT_SUBSCR EVT left outer join ACT_RU_EXECUTION EXC on EVT.EXECUTION_ID_ = EXC.ID_ where EVENT_TYPE_ = ‘signal’ and EVENT_NAME_ = ‘ProductOrderItemUpdateEvent’ and ( (EVT.EXECUTION_ID_ is null) or (EVT.EXECUTION_ID_ is not null AND EXC.SUSPENSION_STATE_ = 1) ) and (EVT.TENANT_ID_ = ‘’ or EVT.TENANT_ID_ is null)

pls suggest what can be done.

In general, this means you have too much data in those tables involved. What are the rowcounts there?

hi @joram - please find below the current table count. When we are pushing lots of orders then this table count increases.
Please suggest what can be done to resolve this issue.

To be honest, that’s not a lot of rows in those tables, I’m surprised your database isn’t able to handle it.

Not much, except improving your database setup most likely. What kind of hardware/system/etc. are you currently using?

hi @joram
we are using mysql database 8.0.32 and 4 GB RAM and 3000 IOS. When we push 10K orders during that time we see performance issue in DB.
is there way to avoid Left join and have proper join with this table?
thanks & Regards