Flowable DOCS: stuck at 2.4 because it keeps old process definitions

Good day. I followed Flowable DOCS and have run as described in 2.4 several times (./catalina.sh run).

Now, there are a bunch of old process definitions and tasks that I can’t get rid of, that still use an older version of my bpmn, which won’t work because it calls a function I’ve deleted.

How do I get rid of these process definitions and tasks?
I’ve tried unzipping Tomcat again, moving the flowable-rest war over again, it seems to keep retaining it no matter how I try to ./catalina stop and then ./catalina run again.

By default the flowable wars use an H2 database stored in a folder called flowable-db in your home folder. You can delete this folder wholesale if you want to start over, but it will delete any models you have in modeler as well. You can also open Flowable-Admin and delete the offending processes/instances. In real wold usage, you’d want to keep your delegates around until all instances that use them are finished. There is also an experimental process migration feature that will let you migrate processes from an older version to a new version.

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