Flowable CORS Issue

I am trying to call Flowable Process using Flowable Task API from a different application (angular). When I try to call this I get CORS exception. How can I setup Flowable to address CORS issue.

Note: Flowable-task task is running on PCF.

Hi @balaji.sundarajan01

I believe that you can use proxy server.
Instead of sending API requests to remote server, you’ll make requests to your proxy, which will forward them to the remote server.


@balaji.sundarajan01, can you attach more details on the error? The error might come from PCF internal router.

There is an recommendation, but it uses modifying Flowable source code, https://forum.flowable.org/t/flowable-task-process-api-cors-configuration/1085

Can’t we configure CORS for Flowable without touching Flowable Source Code?

Below is how others are doing.