Flowable 6.8 Performance Help

I am not certain that it’s a problem in Flowable 6.8, but we have noticed intermittent performance problems on our server and are chasing down all changes big and small to find it. The cause never seems to be consistent, and while we know it’s something related to thread starvation or exhaustion, we cannot pin down the root cause (I liken it to a domino effect, and we can’t figure out what tips the first domino over). It happened to us just this weekend. When we took a thread dump, we found that there are multiple threads trying to run process instance queries that seem to execute the query but then get stuck. The queries below are the format being run, and the screenshot shows one of the threads that was hung.

runtimeService.createProcessInstanceQuery().variableValueEqualsIgnoreCase(javaCast(“String”, “bussObjId”), javaCast(“String”, bussObjId)).includeProcessVariables().list();


runtimeService.createProcessInstanceQuery().processDefinitionName(processType).variableValueEqualsIgnoreCase(javaCast(“String”, “bussObjId”), javaCast(“String”, bussObjId)).includeProcessVariables().list();

Any assistance would be appreciated. Thank you.


  1. Paste full thread stack trace in text format
  2. What is your max for async thread pool executor?

Hello Jeff,

Can kill everything. I do not have any chance to profile of your code. Could you just simply remove includeProcessVariables() from the query?
If the includeProcessVariables() removal solves your problem, try to reimplement your query by e.g. custom queries.