Flowable 6.6.0-SNAPSHOT repository

Hey, I am very interested in new feature - true parallel service tasks. I just’ve read this blog and I want to test it right away. Two questions here:

  1. When do you plan to release 6.6.0?
  2. How to configure snapshots repository?
    I added repository and dependency


But it seems not to be working :frowning:

Could not find artifact org.flowable:flowable-engine:jar:6.6.0-SNAPSHOT in snapshots-repo (https://oss.sonatype.org
/content/repositories/snapshots) -> [Help 1]

PS. I’d like to say how amazing job you’re doing! Impressive! :slight_smile:

Hey @kdziurdz94,

Thanks for the good words.

Regarding the 6.6.0 release. I can’t promise a date, but we are finalising some details and will release it soon.

For using the SNAPSHOTS, we do not publish SNAPSHOTs. You will have to build it yourself from source to be able to try it out.