Flowable 6.2.1 released

Hi all,

Today we released Flowable 6.2.1.


  • Lots of additions to the CMMN 1.1 Engine, including timer support, repetition support, DMN and HTTP task support and variable query support.
  • Rest documentation is now also generated based on the Swagger definitions to ensure it’s always in sync with the REST controller code.
  • Improved support of ChangeActivityStateBuilder to move an execution in a process instance to another activity that’s part of the process definition.
  • Enhanced the CMMN Modeler palette with timer event listeners, DMN and HTTP tasks and additional properties like timer expressions and repetition expressions.
  • Improved support of CMMN in the Flowable Task app.
  • Various small bugfixes all around.

Community contributors

  • Pascal Schumacher (PascalSchumacher)
  • Stijn de Pestel (stijndepestel)
  • Robert Hafner (roberthafner)
  • Xin Wang (dram)
  • David Malkovsky (dbmalkovsky)
  • Michael Lippens (mlippens)
  • Marco van Zwetselaar (zwets)
  • Yanming Zhou (quaff)
  • Christophe Deneux (cdeneux)

Upgrade notes

To harmonize the deployers between the BPMN and CMMN engine the ProcessEngineConfigurator interface has been renamed to EngineConfigurator and moved to the flowable-engine-common module.
In addition a new flowable-spring-common module has been added to shared common Spring classes between the BPMN and CMMN spring modules.