[Flowable 6.1.2] SQL creation error

Hey guys, I’d like to report an error on the creation of the table ACT_HI_TASKINST on the script flowable.hsql.create.history.sql

There’s a comma that is missing after LAST_UPDATED_TIME_ timestamp, which leads to an error

create table ACT_HI_TASKINST (
          ID_ varchar(64) not null,
          REV_ integer default 1,
          PROC_DEF_ID_ varchar(64),
          TASK_DEF_KEY_ varchar(255),
          PROC_INST_ID_ varchar(64),
          EXECUTION_ID_ varchar(64),
          NAME_ varchar(255),
          PARENT_TASK_ID_ varchar(64),
          DESCRIPTION_ varchar(4000),
          OWNER_ varchar(255),
          ASSIGNEE_ varchar(255),
          START_TIME_ timestamp not null,
          CLAIM_TIME_ timestamp,
          END_TIME_ timestamp,
          DURATION_ bigint,
          DELETE_REASON_ varchar(4000),
          PRIORITY_ integer,
          DUE_DATE_ timestamp,
          FORM_KEY_ varchar(255),
          CATEGORY_ varchar(255),
          TENANT_ID_ varchar(255) default '',
          LAST_UPDATED_TIME_ timestamp
          primary key (ID_)

Thank you in advance!

I have submitted a pull request 505 to correct this issue.

Thanks for the report.

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