Flowable 5.22.0 released


Today we released the first Flowable engine version (5.22.0). This release is a drop-in replacement for Activiti 5.21.0. There have been no package renaming or config file name changes, to make it as easy as possible to move to the Flowable project. You can find the download here http://flowable.org/downloads.html

A lot of people will also be wondering what will happen with the version 6 engine. It’s our main focus to get a new beta release out as soon as possible and we want to get the final 6.0 release out shortly after.

We understand that there will be a bit of confusion around starting the Flowable project. But we do our best to keep the changes you need to do to a minimum. We don’t plan any package renaming or config filename changes for example. For now, please get in contact with us through the forum http://forum.flowable.org, and by creating issues on the Github issues page https://github.com/flowable/flowable-engine/issues. The developers of the Flowable project are keen to help you answering your questions and helping out with possible issues. The 5.22.0 release is the starting point for the Flowable project, a lot more releases will follow.