EventSubscription not present second time around

I have the process attached. Which will create a couple of activities which are fully automated. When one user task from activiti launches the signal - with

runtimeService.signalEventReceived(“name”, executionId)

  • the user task gets generated.
    The problem i’m facing is that when the user completes it’s task it might be the case that the activities which will be created - will launch a signal again- the problem here is that the second time around this query
    does not give me anything.

this is how it looks

I’m not sure I follow the use case yet - when do you do this query? Also, once a signal boundary event is consumed, it its gone.

Maybe you can add a simple unit test demonstrating the problem?

That user task will start the Service task which will create the activities and there may be the case where one of the activities will launch the signal again automatically. So that we will end up in the User Task again.
I do that query in the ServiceTask which needs to launch the signal again in the activiti.
What do you mean once a signal boundary event is consumed , its gone ? I will try to add the unit test when i’ll get back to work.
I guess I kinda need the answer to this question: I need to loop that User task from those activities until a condition is fullfiled and we don’t need that user task anymore. Any suggestions how to do this ?