ERROR: 'The current state is not START_DOCUMENT.'

ERROR: ‘The current state is not START_DOCUMENT.’
2019-06-20 14:56:37 ERROR org.flowable.engine.impl.bpmn.deployer.ParsedDeploymentBuilder - Could not parse resource E:\workspace\medc\target\classes\processes\EsupInitiationDocument.bpmn20.xml
org.flowable.bpmn.exceptions.XMLException: java.lang.IllegalStateException: The current state is not START_DOCUMENT.
at org.flowable.bpmn.converter.BpmnXMLConverter.convertToBpmnModel( ~[flowable-bpmn-converter-6.4.0.jar:6.4.0]
at org.flowable.engine.impl.bpmn.parser.BpmnParse.execute( ~[flowable-engine-6.4.0.jar:6.4.0]
at org.flowable.engine.impl.bpmn.deployer.ParsedDeploymentBuilder.createBpmnParseFromResource( ~[flowable-engine-6.4.0.jar:6.4.0]
at ~[flowable-engine-6.4.0.jar:6.4.0]
at org.flowable.engine.impl.bpmn.deployer.BpmnDeployer.deploy( ~[flowable-engine-6.4.0.jar:6.4.0]
at org.flowable.engine.impl.persistence.deploy.DeploymentManager.deploy( ~[flowable-engine-6.4.0.jar:6.4.0]

Any one please help

The exception seems to indicate either a mistake in the xml or some wrong dependency.
How are you executing this? Which webcontainer (if any), which JDK (as I find some things about IBM JDK and this error …)?

HI Joram,

Thanks for your reply. earlier it was working fine.
I am using jdk 8 and spring boot with flowable engine.
earlier it was working fine .when i add sql files under migration folder. droped the schema from mysql to create new schema.

this issue started and not able to find any answer. this issue keep on coming.
One month before i faced same issue and i cleared the maven folder .m2 and ths issue gone.Now that also not working.

below two dependency ia ma using for flowable.




From what I can see you have flowable-spring-boot-starter-process-rest with version 6.3.1 and flowable-engine with 6.4.0. Can you make sure that you use the same version of Flowable and try?

Also if you are using the starter you don’t need the flowable-engine dependency. The starter is pulling that transitevely

Hi All ,

Thanks for your hemp.

I have identified the issue and the filenet jar xlxpScanner.jar is not allowing flowable engine to parse the document under processes folder. Once i removed its working fine.

This may help any one in future who is facing the same issue…

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