Enable HTTPS in Flowable Docker Images

I’m using flowable docker configuration similar to https://github.com/flowable/flowable-engine/blob/master/docker/modeler-task-idm-admin-postgres.sh

Currently all modules (i.e. Modeler, Task, IDM, Admin, REST) serves HTTP.
How to enable HTTPS for all the modules?

Hey @shamalk,

The Flowable Applications are Spring Boot application. Which means that you can configure them like any other Spring Boot Application to serve HTTP. Most of the docker images run the applications with the embedded tomcat. This can be configured with the following properties:

server.ssl.key-store=<Spring resources to the keystore>

For docker they would look like:

SERVER_SSL_KEY-STORE=<Spring resources to the keystore>

You can read more about it in Configure SSL of the Spring Boot documentation. You can find more SLL properties in the Server Properties

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