Embedded engine unable to instantiate a class on the classpath

I am trying to create a junit test for my bpmn process engine (v6.4.1) that is embedded in a SpringBoot application.

When starting the process, I get an “org.flowable.common.engine.api.FlowableException: couldn’t instantiate class com…” exception.

The class it is trying to load is a ‘start’ listener on the first service task in the flow. I have triple-checked that the fully qualified class name matches what is compiled and in the target folder.

Any ideas on why the engine is unable to find my class? Please let me know if you need more information.

org.flowable.common.engine.api.FlowableException: couldn't instantiate class com.mycompany.oem.controller.deck.service.scan.listener.MoveXYStartExcecutionListener

So I quadruple-checked the class package. Turns out that the top level of the process definition had an execution listener with the same class name, different package… by complete mistake.

I’m using the modeler application… does the Eclipse plug-in integrate with the source code and make it easier to find these mistakes?