DynamicBpmnService process definition infoNode empty

Using this call on 6.3.0:

ObjectNode infoNode = processEngine.getDynamicBpmnService().getProcessDefinitionInfo(processDefinitionId);

But the resulting infoNode is empty, no fields, no elements?

See this screenshot of eclipse debugger. The cache object has no id and the node’s children hashmap is empty.


Am I missing a step somewhere?

I am hoping to add an extension element with an execution listener and save it at runtime.

I think I completely missed how DynamicBpmnService works.

Found this: Getting properties a userTask in deployed processdefintion, taking into account DynamicBpmnservice

Am I correct if I say DynamicBpmnService merely deploys a delta or type of overlay over existing process definition at runtime and makes no direct changes to the process definition stored in the database?

I guess that’s why it’s called dynamic :slight_smile: